Dynamics GP Managed Service Model

Most of the companies that use Dynamics GP try to minimize their expenses and keep tight reins on the budget. One way to do so is by forgoing the monthly expense of managed Dynamics GP services, and adopting a “break fix” philosophy, calling on a professional only when crises arise. But is the break fix approach really budget friendly in the long run? The managed GP services model and the break fix model each offer pros and cons. We’ll sort through the basics of the two and help you determine which one best supports the requirements and budget of your small business.

What’s the Managed GP Services Model All About?

Using a managed approach to Dynamics GP, you’re turning over the responsibility for your IT needs to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like us who takes a proactive approach to monitoring your system. Outsourcing the daily management of your system to a Skalable gives you the advantage of preventative care. Skalable will work hard to identify potential challenges and threats to your IT system and solve them before they disrupt operations. Because you’re dealing with an ERP professionals who takes pride in keeping up with the latest trends, best practices, and newest software, you can be confident that they’ll keep your system up-to-date and running at mGPimum efficiency. Skalable also offer peace of mind that you can’t get with break fix. When your server shuts down, you’ve got a professional who is already familiar with your system standing by to get your business back up and running.
MSPs like us commonly provide 24/7 technical support and help desk services. With the managed model, budgeting your IT service expense is much easier than with the break fix model. You’ll most likely pay an upfront setup fee for a managed service, and be billed a set rate (or near-set rate) monthly.

How Does the Break Fix GP Model Operate?

As the name implies, with break fix you only enlist the help of a professional after something has “broken.” When you adopt a break fix approach to Dynamics GP, you’ll be managing your hardware and software needs and charged hourly when an GP technician is dispatched to your business to determine, and hopefully fix, your problem. On a daily basis you might use a tech-savvy employee to solve minor GP issues, but when your best sales person doubles as the GP guru she can’t completely focus on her job of selling and it’s nearly impossible for her to keep up with all the developments in the fast paced world of tech. At some point, you’ll be calling for the help of a professional.
While you are relieved of the monthly service fee associated with the managed model, you’re costs for repairs, consultations and hourly labor are unpredictable with the beak fix approach. Budgeting with break fix is nearly impossible. Your system is also likely to be down for longer than with the managed approach because you’re technician won’t have a history of working with your system and it could take him or her much longer to identify and fix the problem.
It’s never a good time for an IT meltdown. And as luck would have it, they seem to occur at the very worst moments. You’re putting the finishing touches on a major report or collecting data for that once in a lifetime job bid and an IT mishap strikes. All operations come to a screeching halt and productivity is derailed. Even the most basic IT problem can have catastrophic implications.
When choosing between managed and break fix IT models, you should consider how much your business’ survival depends on your IT system and how much an IT problem will cost your business in downtime. Can you afford to put off maintenance of your system and risk a full fledge IT fiasco? Or are you willing to pay a monthly fee to possibly keep the problem from occurring in the first place? Only you know what your budget can handle, but keep in mind that paying a monthly fee for a professional to handle your IT headaches not only minimizes productivity disruptions, it can free you to focus on doing what you do best: growing your business.

What can Skalable Offer as a Managed GP Service Provider?
Skalable has 15 years of experience in ERP domain and more specifically in Dynamics Products. Professionals at Skalable are experts in Microsoft GP and the associated ecosystem including most commonly used ISV solutions or 3rd Party Products.
The Service level and the return on investment for Skalable’s Managed Services Model beats any service provider in this industry.
With an exemplary service model in place, Skalable has been the GP Managed service provider to lot of Public and Private Companies over the past 5 years.

For more information, please contact sales@skalabletech.com or call 408-890-5066

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