We provide a variety of support plans depending on specific client needs. Our global team is available 24/7 to help you troubleshoot problems. Tier 1 and Tier 2 Support options are available. Clients can also choose to use us for support on specific modules or functions, leaving other support duties for their internal staff. If you would are undecided on Application Service Model versus Break Fix Model, read Application Managed Services vs Break Fix

We offer the following Dynamics GP Services –

GP Administration

Are you having issues finding GP administrator who can understand and administer all the modules and components of GP? You are not alone. We receive hundreds of customer requests specifically to manage Great Plains. As a part of this role, we conform to SOX guidelines in setting up roles and ensuring that the module setups are done accurately and code has been tested before moving to production. We handle the technologies as a part of Microsoft Eco-system – Standard GP. Smartlist Builder, Excel Builder, FRx/Management Reporter, SQL Server, SQL Reporting Services, 3rd party products and Sharepoint.

GP Development

How many times you felt that only if GP had so and so feature, it would be a better ERP? Be it a small customization or a bolt-on module or missing functionality.
Do you think that a) It is too complex to make the changes? b) It is too complex to maintain it? c) It will run into upgrade issues?
These are the most common questions asked by customers. You need Great Plains to run your business efficiently. You can add or modify GP features based on the business requirement and yes, we have been consistently doing that for customers and yes, it is cost effective for you. We have developed eConnect, Dexterity and .NET based applications.

GP Functional Support

Are you making full use of Dynamics Great Plains modules? Are your users little unsure in certain modules? We provide the best practices in each modules and most of it might apply to your business process. In the process, you will understand GP modules and core functionality. We will address all the users concerns in using the system so they can run their business without having to deal with unknowns.

GP Reporting Services

How are your current reports being generated? Is it less of manual work? Are your financial reports easy to generate and distribute? Are you able to make subtle changes to canned reports? If the answer is no then you don’t need us 🙂 On the other hand, we help customers leverage their Great Plains investment and make use of the built-in reporting tools and also specific Financial reporting tools for Great Plains. Tools like Report Writer, FRx/Management Reporter, Excel Builder, Smartlists, Smartlist builder, SQL Analysis services can be leveraged so reporting is easy.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We can assure that our services exemplary in terms of Cost, Time and Quality. Not convinced by words? You can bring in one request in any of the areas mentioned and we will provide the solution – free of cost. Yes, free of cost.

Contact us for more information and we are glad to help.