Recently, I was at a conference and one of the most commonly asked questions  is whether companies need a Dynamics CRM with Dynamics GP.

I met with a group of individuals and they all represented companies that had similar profile –

  • SMB companies with small sales teams
  • Sales teams do their own thing and operations get the order and they put it in the system
  • Rest of the process is done the ERP

The process sounds simple and it looks like it is working.  Maybe not. After further conversations, I understood that these companies are losing valuable data and are spending valuable time in locating emails, orders and contracts almost on a regular basis. Moreover, the customers call them or have less visibility for orders, returns and warranty. This is where Dynamics CRM plays an important role.

Dynamics CRM can –

  • Provide visibility to the customer on the products shipment, returns and warranty.
  • Analyze tons of sales data including raw leads, prospects and accounts and showing trends in terms of products and customers.
  • Seamlessly talk to Dynamics GP so duplication and manual intervention of data can be avoided.
  • Insights to valuable social engagement

Many customers are continuously adapting to Dynamics CRM to bring more value to their existing data and make intelligent decisions. By having a seamless integration to Dynamics GP, there is a significant improvement in terms of employee productivity and customer service.


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Skalable - 50 Most Promising IT Service Providers

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“We are absolutely delighted to be recognized by the CIO Review Team and their esteemed selection committee!”

The Top List is developed from a process of thoroughly reviewing hundreds of highly qualified consulting companies and solution providers. The final selection results from the reviewers examination of each vendor’s quality capabilities in fulfillment of the needs of manufacturing companies, by offering solutions and strategies that streamline business processes, while providing customer service care that guarantees their customer’s future success.

The October 2014 issue is also online at

We asked Skalable Technologies what they believed were the major focus points that won them these high honors from the CIO Review Team. They offered two of their winning strategies:

“First, we built a team of highly qualified specialists who are able to work in close collaboration together to serve our clients:

  • implementation and business process engineers
  • experienced functional consultants
  • the very best of software developers
  • gifted training specialists
  • insightful, responsive support team

We count on each of these disciplines to cooperatively perform with optimum focus, which services our clients at the level of results we believe they deserve.

Second, we honed our professional approach to Enterprise Resource Planning, (ERP), and Customer Relations Management, (CRM), to focus the team on three essential components. Our core solutions, three comprehensive ERP programs, used successfully by today’s most prominent corporate success stories.

While specializing in just three core products, we became uniquely qualified to serve our clients with progressive solution applications. Our strategies streamlined business processes and beyond deployment, we continuously train and upgrade our customers to ensure their future success.”


Microsoft Dynamics AX:

Skalable has been trusted partner with Global companies assisting them in maximizing Microsoft AX ERP capabilities. Microsoft AX is rapidly being used by businesses to build solutions that allow fast configuration and reconfiguration and rapid deployment of new applications. Dynamics AX enables you to benefit from a standardized platform that allows you to reuse your Microsoft technology stack and skills.

Microsoft Dynamics GP:

Skalable has 15 years’ experience with ERP domain, GP is Microsoft’s key financial management product and combined with our managed services model, Skalable beats any service provider in the industry. This accounting software has tight integration with Microsoft technologies, competitively priced and has technology advantages for integrating independent software vendor solutions.


The ideal starting point for customers who want a combination of CRM and their financial management software in one package. Software strengths is its real-time visibility used in financial and ERP operational processes at low cost. Easy to use as it is streamlined and can be optimized and integrated across the whole corporate enterprise at different tiers, with cloud solution versatility.

We implement processes like Procure to Pay, Order to Cash and Make to Order. Then we identify specific business needs, and the gaps in the packaged software. Our passionate experts ensure company guidelines and financial reporting meets and exceeds compliancy standards.


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If you are already on Microsoft Dynamics GP, you are well aware of what Microsoft Dynamics GP means for your Business. Here, we address common questions or concerns businesses have when considering the upgrade.

Should I Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013?

For existing Microsoft Dynamics GP users, a common question we are asked is “Why should we upgrade to GP 2013?” Below are some of the compelling reasons to implement the upgrade.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 builds on the existing powerful business management system, adding more than 150 new features and capabilities to give your organization a streamlined, easy to use tool to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Simplicity and Ease of Use Drives Productivity

  • New customization features on the home page allow users to maximize the areas they need to view and easily reorder the areas to meet their specific needs and increase efficiency.
  • Create documents and reports in the familiar Word format rather than Report Writer. Generate professional-looking documents with pre-loaded Word templates and enjoy full Microsoft Word functionality.
  • The new Document attach features allow you to add valuable context by attaching documents, notes, and images to each transaction and line item.
  • Users now can elect a printer during the print process right in the print dialog box ̶ without changing the default setup ̶ where previously you had to switch to a desired printer before printing a report or form.

Streamline Business Processes with Added Capabilities

  • New inventory management features include the addition of Reason codes which are added to inventory transactions to provide tracking and monitoring capability, improving efficiency and identifying important trends.
  • Another inventory feature is the ability to inactivate an item, which prevents the sale, purchase or processing of the item, but allows you to maintain the history for these items while they are not in use.
  • Optimize purchasing accuracy and productivity with the new quantity tolerance ability. Set specific percentage tolerances that allow the system to automatically enter quantity overages and close purchase orders left open due to quantity shortages.
  • Increase shipping speed with the ability to drop-ship serialized items directly from suppliers to customers.

Empower Users with Accessibility

  • The innovative new Web client allows your employees to connect wherever and however they choose – whether in the office, from the road or at home, and from a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device. A new application service console allows your IT department to extend web access without sacrificing security and control.

The above is just a sampling of the feature-rich Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 package.

At any time, contact us to help you evaluate the benefits of upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

Why Skalable to upgrade to Dynamics GP 2013?

  • Expertise – unique combination of business expertise and technical software knowledge; deep knowledge of critical business processes across industries;
  • Proven partner – many client examples across industries; over 100 software implementations
  • Pragmatic approach – rapid implementation methodology; focus on delivering ROI
  • Quality services that deliver peace of mind – responsive, 24 hour support; natural extension of your team.


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Most of the companies that use Dynamics GP try to minimize their expenses and keep tight reins on the budget. One way to do so is by forgoing the monthly expense of managed Dynamics GP services, and adopting a “break fix” philosophy, calling on a professional only when crises arise. But is the break fix approach really budget friendly in the long run? The managed GP services model and the break fix model each offer pros and cons. We’ll sort through the basics of the two and help you determine which one best supports the requirements and budget of your small business.

What’s the Managed GP Services Model All About?

Using a managed approach to Dynamics GP, you’re turning over the responsibility for your IT needs to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like us who takes a proactive approach to monitoring your system. Outsourcing the daily management of your system to a Skalable gives you the advantage of preventative care. Skalable will work hard to identify potential challenges and threats to your IT system and solve them before they disrupt operations. Because you’re dealing with an ERP professionals who takes pride in keeping up with the latest trends, best practices, and newest software, you can be confident that they’ll keep your system up-to-date and running at mGPimum efficiency. Skalable also offer peace of mind that you can’t get with break fix. When your server shuts down, you’ve got a professional who is already familiar with your system standing by to get your business back up and running.
MSPs like us commonly provide 24/7 technical support and help desk services. With the managed model, budgeting your IT service expense is much easier than with the break fix model. You’ll most likely pay an upfront setup fee for a managed service, and be billed a set rate (or near-set rate) monthly.

How Does the Break Fix GP Model Operate?

As the name implies, with break fix you only enlist the help of a professional after something has “broken.” When you adopt a break fix approach to Dynamics GP, you’ll be managing your hardware and software needs and charged hourly when an GP technician is dispatched to your business to determine, and hopefully fix, your problem. On a daily basis you might use a tech-savvy employee to solve minor GP issues, but when your best sales person doubles as the GP guru she can’t completely focus on her job of selling and it’s nearly impossible for her to keep up with all the developments in the fast paced world of tech. At some point, you’ll be calling for the help of a professional.
While you are relieved of the monthly service fee associated with the managed model, you’re costs for repairs, consultations and hourly labor are unpredictable with the beak fix approach. Budgeting with break fix is nearly impossible. Your system is also likely to be down for longer than with the managed approach because you’re technician won’t have a history of working with your system and it could take him or her much longer to identify and fix the problem.
It’s never a good time for an IT meltdown. And as luck would have it, they seem to occur at the very worst moments. You’re putting the finishing touches on a major report or collecting data for that once in a lifetime job bid and an IT mishap strikes. All operations come to a screeching halt and productivity is derailed. Even the most basic IT problem can have catastrophic implications.
When choosing between managed and break fix IT models, you should consider how much your business’ survival depends on your IT system and how much an IT problem will cost your business in downtime. Can you afford to put off maintenance of your system and risk a full fledge IT fiasco? Or are you willing to pay a monthly fee to possibly keep the problem from occurring in the first place? Only you know what your budget can handle, but keep in mind that paying a monthly fee for a professional to handle your IT headaches not only minimizes productivity disruptions, it can free you to focus on doing what you do best: growing your business.

What can Skalable Offer as a Managed GP Service Provider?
Skalable has 15 years of experience in ERP domain and more specifically in Dynamics Products. Professionals at Skalable are experts in Microsoft GP and the associated ecosystem including most commonly used ISV solutions or 3rd Party Products.
The Service level and the return on investment for Skalable’s Managed Services Model beats any service provider in this industry.
With an exemplary service model in place, Skalable has been the GP Managed service provider to lot of Public and Private Companies over the past 5 years.

For more information, please contact or call 408-890-5066

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