When clients deploy off-the-shelf CRM and ERP systems in their organizations, the most common result is that they find them difficult to use without some element of customization. Using off-the-shelf systems is a good idea, but not without adapting them to fit the specific needs of each company. At Skalable Technologies, we pride ourselves on having the in-depth knowledge and experience that it takes to implement these systems to the satisfaction of customers of all types and sizes. We will work with specific enterprise software packages and deploy them in a way that yields maximum results and return on investment.

As a certified partner, we work with you to customize your software to fit the unique process of your business. We understand that no two companies operate identically, which means that the software you use needs to fit the way you operate on a daily basis. Many similar solutions providers make the claim to handle all of your needs, but they are only interested in working on one piece of a solution. This leaves your business to struggle with integrating the work of multiple providers into one cohesive whole.

Working will several different partners can be difficult, as the work each company is doing may be hard to reconcile with that of the others. We will work with you to understand the bigger picture and provide a holistic solution based on that information.

 Supported Products:

At Skalable Technologies, we provide implementation and customization for supported projects in one of two ways. Clients can choose software-as-a-service deployments, on-premise solutions or a combination of both methods – whichever works best for the needs of your organization. Some of the products that we support include:

Enterprise Resource Planning:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta) This deployment offers both the power and the functionality inherent in a Tier 1 ERP solution, but at a reasonable price and with a robust manufacturing module.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP This is Microsoft’s key financial management product and is typically deployed on-premise, rather than using SaaS techniques.
  • NetSuite This has accounting, ecommerce and CRM solutions all in one easy-to-use package.

Customer Relationship Management:

  • NetSuite, which is ideal for clients who want financial management and customer relationship management software in one convenient package.

Business Process Knowledge

At Skalable Technologies, our team of talented and passionate professionals has 14 years of experience in both CRM and ERP implementations along with significant expertise in processes like financial reporting, manufacturing, customer relationship management, business intelligence, accounts payable, general ledger, accounts receivable and more. We identify gaps that exist between the packaged software you’re using and the specific needs that your business actually has. We are constantly making sure that we’re up to date with all of the latest guidelines with regards to financial reporting, so we can verify that your software implementations are compliant at the start of our relationship.

Solutions by Vertical

At Skalable Technologies, we are dedicated to providing expertise in specific industry verticals. We have a wide range of experience in verticals including:

  • Biotechnology
  • Hi-tech
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Software