Why Microsoft Power BI is The Only Choice for Meaningful Data Analysis

October 15, 2019

Why Microsoft Power BI is The Only Choice for Meaningful Data Analysis

If data mining and analysis is important to your operation, then Microsoft Power BI is a simple to use tool that can handle most of the analytics pipeline. Sometimes data can be overwhelming, and if you don’t have the right tool to analyze it, it’s useless.  That’s why so many managers and analysts are turning to Microsoft Power BI.  It goes from ingesting and modeling data to presenting it effectively as dashboards and makes sharing the dashboards with the people who care about them simply.

It’s easy to use

One of the best things about Microsoft Power BI is that it is so simple to turn data into meaningful visualizations quickly. Microsoft Power BI makes this possible with a drag and drop system. Create a visual by picking a visual of a data model and then choosing the data you want in it. One more click and there it is: a report or dashboard up and going just minutes after you import your data.

It’s easy to share

Once you have a report or dashboard that you are happy with it is super simple to share with people both in and out of your organization.

It’s easy to understand

You can use natural language to interact with your data when you publish it to the free Microsoft Power BI service.

It’s Powerful and Versatile

It’s an incredibly powerful tool for both modeling and visualizing data. It has the same base as Power Query so if you have experience with M or DAX you can start making calculated columns, measures, and even shaping your data before you import it without having to learn an entirely new language.

Analyze Data from Anywhere on Any Device

Once you have a dashboard created you can access it from just about anything. The web app is excellent for both displaying and editing reports from the desktop. The iOS and Android apps allow you to use your reports on the go. For those who are after something with enough features to write a book on then, there is the Microsoft Power BI Desktop, where you can model, transform, and visualize your data to your heart’s content.

Get Started

Contact Skalable Technologies today to learn more about how we can make integration of Power BI to your data quick and simple.  We believe it’s one of the most versatile, efficient tools Microsoft has ever released. Just call us at 408-890-5066 or email a sales representative at  We’d love to give you a FREE 2-hour assessment on adding Power BI to your business capabilities and look forward to serving you!

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