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Make Invoice Management and Tracking Simple WITH Skalable Stream™

“No other invoice management application can manage each invoice’s life cycle in one main hub – removing the need to engage multiple applications or do hundreds of hours of data entry.”

Entering invoice data into an accounting system ERP can be laborious, complex and error-prone. With Skalable Stream™ the invoice management process for Accounts Payable becomes an AI-driven process managed from one life cycle tracking hub that seamlessly integrates to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and other cloud-based ERP Systems such as NetSuite.

Skalable Stream™ uses AI to process high-volume Accounts Payable transactions, making a usually complex and time-consuming process quite simple.

For companies with thin accounting staff dealing with large volumes of vendor invoices or complicated approval processes based on multiple departments or subsidiaries, Skalable Stream is transformational. No other invoice management application can manage each invoice life cycle in one main hub – removing the need to engage multiple applications or do hundreds of hours of data entry.

“Customers dealing with huge volumes of incoming vendor invoices and short accounting staff found Skalable Stream to be a valuable and cost-effective tool,” says Sunil Nelabhotla, founder of Skalable Technologies. “It’s turned the challenge of invoice management into an automated process for them.”

One early adopter is Clint Weiler, CFO for West Coast Fitness. “Skalable Stream will take out typing time, emailing (sometimes multiple times for one email), should provide clear reporting so we also know the status of all received invoices, and after processing, the PDF copy of the invoice is available saving time that would otherwise be spent searching for invoices. In short, we expect to get more done, more accurately, with fewer people,” Weiler explains.

Skalable Stream™ is an application driven by customer requests and demonstrates Skalable Technologies’s commitment to product customization and innovation. Skalable Stream™ is available now through Skalable Technologies for sale and licensing.

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