Speed up Your Accounts Payable Process by up To 90% With An Automated Invoice Processing Platform Powered By AI

Skalable Stream automates the process of importing accounts payable data, and managing, approving & processing your vendor invoices. This improve your AP efficiency, eliminates manual entry or data retrieval and saves time & money


Clint Weiler - West Coast Fitness Inc

“Skalable Stream cuts down typing out, emailing of invoices. It also processes the PDF copy of the invoice automatically and provides clear reporting so we know the status of all received invoices.
This saves time that would otherwise be spent searching for invoices or manual entry. In short, we get more done, more accurately, with fewer people.”

Secure, Cloud Based Invoice Management Platform Proven To Save Up To 90% Of The Time Spent Managing, Processing, Approving & Reporting On Accounts Payable

Manage, reconcile & process your accounts payable up to 90% faster with Skalable Stream

Skalable Stream is an automated, easy to use accounts payable platform that cuts the time and expense to manually process vendor invoices by up to 90%. It's affordable, customisable & integrates fully with your existing ERP and processes.

Automates Accounts Payable Through Your ERP

Skalable Stream™ uses AI to process high-volume Accounts Payable transactions, making a usually complex and time-consuming process efficient, simple and fast.
This means no more labor intensive processes like manual entry, data processing or keeping track of invoices without purchase orders.

Extract & Process Invoices In Any Format Including Attachments With Automated AI Based Data Processing

No need to download attachments, reconcile purchase orders, enter data manually or scan documents. All data is collected and entered into Netsuite automatically & is available with one click meaning less time spent searching for important information.

Save Time & Reduce Manual Handling -  Approve & Initiate Payments Automatically Using Simple Programmable Rules

Skalable Stream finds out exactly who needs to approve each invoice, and routes those invoices to the right person for approval. This streamlines complex approval processes across departments or subsidiaries. Plus, you can create automated pathways to approve or request approval for payments.

Automatically Match Invoices With Purchase Orders, Receipts & Service Agreements Without Manual Look Ups

No more digging back through old invoices or emails to find the data you need or work out what an invoice was issued for. Skalable Stream takes all invoice data, attachments and matches them with service agreements.

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One Centralised Platform For All Invoice Management: Businesses And Their Accounts Payable Departments Are More Productive & Profitable With Skalable Stream

Over 100 SMBs & Enterprises around the globe trust Skalable Stream to reduce processing errors and eliminate duplicate payments, approve vendor payments in 75% less time, and enjoy improved efficiency. Here's how Skalable Stream benefits clients across each department in their business:

Accounts Payable Departments

Automatic generation, sending & reconciling of invoices improves efficiency by up to 90%

Eliminate manual entry of vendor invoices - Skalable Stream reads & enters all invoices into your accounts automatically using AI

Speed up your workflow - handle hundreds or even thousands of invoices in minutes instead of hours.

Reduce entry errors & eliminate duplicate invoices & payments

Takes care of invoices both with and without purchase orders

Never miss or lose an invoice again

Eliminate paperwork & reduce file storage costs

Enjoy decreased stress

Be more professional & organised

Reduce back and forth with vendors to find correct information or invoice details


Get an immediate and accurate view of cash flow in real time through the Stream Portal

Simplify the approval process & even auto approve invoices based on pre-set rules

Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month by using automation to reduce the cost of invoice processing

Eliminate halts on new orders, fraud, double payments or increased costs from late fees common with manual processing

Save time and free up internal resources to focus on more important projects

Peace of mind that data is fully secure

Control who has access to data

Easily import & export data from Stream

Hit targets and see growth from improved efficiency


No need for Vendors to adapt to a new platform - invoices in any format automatically processed

Vendors experienced improved communication automatically

Increased transparency means more trust with your vendors

Peace of mind that data is fully secure

Vendors will be impressed by professionalism and efficiency of your accounts payable dept

Better results, improved efficiency means happier better relationships with vendors and potential savings!

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Built From The Ground Up For Accounts Payable Departments & Proven To Speed Up Invoice Processing & Approval By 90%

Skalable Stream is a secure, structured platform that enables SMBs, Enterprises and their accounts payable departments to easily reduce their invoice management cost and simplify onboarding of new vendors. 

See When Payments Are Due & Manage Your Cashflow With Ease

See all upcoming invoices and when they are due so you have full oversight to accounts payable and cash flow in real time with the click of a button. Skalable Stream allows you to view this data WITHOUT needing to contact and request it from accounts payable managers.

Easily Onboard New Vendors & Leverage Payment Discounts

New vendors can be onboarded quickly and start submitting invoices directly into the system. This means leveraging discounts due to faster payment (e.g., 1% Net 10 terms), getting deliverables faster and less delayed orders that have been halted due to late payment of invoices.

Find, Access, Analyze, Report On Accounts Payable With 1 Click

Access data instantly and plan better without contacting your accounts payable manager. Skalable Stream gives you full visibility on the current status of your accounts payable. Access real time data and reporting on cash flow, outgoing payments, and financial analytics.

Rapid Response, Best-In-Class Customer Support 24/7

We have 24 hour monitoring of our services and technicians available to help you. In an emergency, we can be contacted via phone for a fast fix.

Bank Level Data Security For Total Peace Of Mind

Skalable uses AES 256 Bit Encryption and offers 2 factor authentication, encryption at rest and an optional encryption key so your data is safe.

Cut Invoice Management Costs & Free Up Internal Resources

The streamlined accounts payable process facilitated by Skalable Stream reduces processing time and complexity while reducing the cost of paying received invoices. This also frees up internal resources and increases efficiency.

Quickly Find, Manage & Process Thousands Of Invoices With Ease

Businesses using Skalable Stream are able to process a far higher volume of invoices in a fraction of the time compared to those receiving and processing invoices manually.

Manage, Store & Centralise All AP Documents In One Place

All your accounts payable documents and associated agreements or receipts are all centralised on one place, reducing the need to contact managers for information. This also reduces common errors and double payments.

Simplify Invoice Approval With Programmable Paths & Automation

Skalable Stream saves you time & reduces manual handling by allowing you to approve & initiate payments automatically using simple programmable rules, even across departments.

Instantly Find, Access & Export Data For Any Account Or Vendor

Skalable Stream provides clear reporting on the  status of all received invoices, and creates searchable and accessible PDF copies saving time spent searching for invoices.

Fast, User Friendly Interface Fully Integrates With Your ERP

Skalable has integrated Skalable Stream into NetSuite in a way that enables fast implementation times and quick startup and easy use. The solution is different from other options in that its makers truly understand how to install, integrate, and use NetSuite.

Full Implementation By Experts With 20+ Years Of Experience

Founded in 2008 and with 100+ SMB & Enterprise clients, Skalable Technology is a provider of services and a NetSuite partner that manages ERP, customer relationship management (CRM), cloud migrations, and other technology implementations.

Increase Efficiency & Get More Done, Faster, With Fewer People

Instead of accounts payable departments getting occupied with processing, approving and keeping track of invoices manually, even a small department can easily manage everything with just a few clicks. This allows for greater efficiency of team members and gets more done with less.

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