Why Matrix?

Low Cost, Simple & Intuitive ETL Software For Every Integration Needs

Prebuilt Connectors

  • Establish connections to data sources without delay
  • Quick setup and configuration while achieving high performance
  • Generate significant cost-savings by eliminating expensive development process

Tailored Dashboards

  • Display data quickly and easily
  • Provides perfect progress overview of data to define metrics and set goals
  • Keep track of KPIs and utilizes business intelligence to help make data-driven decisions

Role-Based Security

  • Conserve or cost-effectively use data resources
  • Improve operational efficiency by quickly adding and changing roles
  • Decrease risks of breaches and leakage of sensitive data

Alerts & Notifications

  • Crucial to monitor data from source to target
  • Reduce the risk of data integration activity failures
  • Remove inefficiencies and catch issues before affecting the entire system

Interactive Task Wizards

  • Streamline data transformation
  • Increase work efficiency and accuracy
  • Save time on operations and reduce error rates in troubleshooting

Monitoring & Audit Trail

  • Monitor logs and data for any change or event within the system
  • Improves profitability by providing methods for analyzing the effectiveness of the process

Configurable Connections

  • Enable business users to connect to systems and applications
  • Automate data transformations and create automated reports from different sources


  • Provides the ability to manipulate large volumes of data in real-time
  • Cloud-powered engines to improve efficiencies while reducing costs
  • Eliminates the need for specialized data analysis while delivering accurate results

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Right Tool for Integrations

How Skalable Matrix Can Help Grow Your Business Massively

Save time

  • Automate Bank Integrations and time-consuming work
  • Skalable Matrix eliminates the pain of building custom CRM integrations and automates the entire end-to-end operations.

Reduce Effort

  • With Skalable Matrix, you can add any number of data sources without jeopardizing your business continuity.
  • Minimize errors and manual effort –   Skalable Matrix makes complex text file imports and exports streamlined for your accounting team by taking care of all the error-prone data transformations, so your accounting team can focus on higher-value tasks.


  • Improve Productivity
  • Get 10X more out of your team: Skalable Matrix’s data integration software makes it easy to turn raw data into actionable insights across your organization quickly.

Save Time

  • Level up your team’s effectiveness and productivity.
  • Build accurate historical views of your team’s performance so they can get ahead of their next challenge or opportunity.

Reduce Effort

  • Faster ETL processes and higher-quality data
  • Enable people to do tasks remotely.
  • No need to use a different database for each application


  • Create a culture of transparency and accountability through real-time information collaboration.
  • Secure the business and keep it away from possible data breaches through cloud storage.
  • Reduce the cost and time of the investigation.

Save Time

  • Shorten the time-to-market and speed up product delivery.
  • Exert less time for activities that don’t generate revenue.
  • Process data faster through centralized data.


Reduce Effort

  • Make data available on any device.
  • Avoid the dependency on ETL experts.
  • Enable the sales team to complete their own analyses efficiently.



  • Connect with your partners and transfer data safely in just a few clicks.
  • Meet clients’ protection requirements and win partners’ trust.
  • Avoid data breaches.

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From Our Clients

"Skalable Matrix replaced our enterprise integration software providing more features, better visibility & low cost solution for CRM to ERP needs"

Robert Kirby

— Lead Integrations Engineer