Why Swift?

SaaS Solution To Procure Cloud Subscriptions For Microsoft Partners & Customers Rapidly

Seamless Integration To New Commerce Experience

  • Buy any Microsoft subscription from NCE
  • Activate subscriptions at ease
  • Sync to & from microsoft New commerce experience

Onboard Partners & Customers

  • Partners can onboard new customers in seconds
  • Customers can setup new users for provisioning
  • Customers can choose subscriptions on their own

Intuitive Dashboards

  • Comprehensive view that shows subscriptions across all products
  • Shows active, inactive & suspended subscriptions
  • Partners can see all of their customer subscriptions

Subscription Alerts

  • See Subscription renewal dates easily
  • Get Subscription auto-renewal alerts
  • Alerts that show the subscriptions expiring soon

Special Offers

  • Bundle subscriptions to create offers
  • Apply discounts & time limits to offers

Complete Audit Trail

  • Entire history of subscription purchases & activation
  • Complete history of approval process

Complex Pricing Structure

  • Ability to set multi-tiered pricing structure
  • Ability to set pricing matrix by volume & by customer

Flexible Payment Options

  • Pay by Credit Card, ACH & Stripe
  • Invoicing options available

Security Roles

  • Segregation of roles for sales, provisioning & admin teams
  • Twenty specific roles created for Sales, provisioning & admin teams for both Partners & Customers

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