Why Stream?

Save time and reduce costs by digitally transforming your Accounts Payable Process

Manage & Process Payable Accounts Transactions easily

  • Process transactions for accounts 90% faster
  • Integrate with ERP & accounting software seamlessly & bi-directional.

ERP: Automatic & Seamless integration

  • Track invoice lifecycle holistically from emails to payments.
  • Save on manual work
  • Add ERP GL accounts, Entities, Job codes & Custom fields with flexibility

Manage invoice formats with ease

  • Email, scan & upload invoices.
  • Quick exchange of invoices via email
  • Access AI-driven and accurately generated data

Easy Approval process

  • Easily setup approval processes
  • Approve based on manager hierarchy, department, GL accounts, job codes & custom fields
  • Customize approval notifications

Intuitive Expense Module

  • Easily handle reimbursements & mileages
  • Flexibility to map GL accounts or add custom fields
  • Employees can email expenses to add to their queue

Easy Cash flow management

  • Find upcoming & due invoices with ease
  • Intuitively & independently find invoice info, without manager

Free-Up Internal Resources

  • Reduce processing time & complexity
  • Increased efficiency

Manage invoices in bulk

  • Process thousands of invoices with ease
  • Enjoy automatic scaling based on the invoice load
  • Save on manual work

Effective management of AP documents

  • Find all AP documents easily both in Stream & in ERP
  • Reduce common errors & double payments

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Save Time

  • Improve efficiency by up to 90%
  • Eliminate manual entry of invoices
  • Speed up your workflow

Reduce Effort

  • Eliminate errors
  • Eliminate duplicate invoices & payments
  • Handle invoices with & without purchase orders
  • Eliminate paperwork

Save Time

  • Cash view flow
  • Reduce invoice processing time
  • Easily import & export data from stream

Reduce Effort

  • Simplify approval process
  • Eliminate halts on new orders, fraud & double payments
  • Hit targets easily


  • Guaranteed data security
  • Controlled access to data

Save Time

  • Efficiently communicate with vendors

Reduce Effort

  • Automatically process invoices in any format
  • Improved efficiency & on-time payments


  • Total data security
  • Establish trust through increased transparency

Benefits Of Stream

Robust software that can read different invoice formats & seamlessly integrates to any accounting software. Stream provides complete Invoice cycle from receiving the invoice till the payment.

  • Safe & Secure
  • One click account
  • Digital conversion of
    invoices & expenses
  • Reduces data entry time and
  • Effortless cashflow
  • Intiutive & easy to use interface
  • Seamlessly integrates into your
    accounting system
  • Complete paper trail
    and approval audit
Microsoft 365 for Finance & Operations

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From Our Clients

Skalable Stream cuts down typing out and emailing invoices. It also processes the PDF copy of the invoice automatically & provides clear reporting so we know the status of all received invoices.

This saves time that would otherwise be spent searching for invoices or manual entries. In short, we get more done, more accurately, with fewer people.

Melinda Pedersen

Clint Weiler


Stream provides AI assistance in converting invoices & provides a complete paper trail, approval audit trail, etc., as attachments to the invoice as backup documentation. Allows department invoice submitters to answer the question "where is my invoice?" when a vendor calls; there is no need to wait for AP to find it.

Melinda Pedersen

Bob S

— IT Strategy & Implementation Consultant

Definite Recommendation! - It makes it easy to approve & track invoices.

Melinda Pedersen

Jonathan A

— Director Of Operations